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Why a Wool Dust Mop by Sladust?

Wool has naturally lanolin in it – no need for chemical duster spay

Cleaning without chemicals

Excellent in picking-up pet hair 

Pet owners love it!

Shake it out after everyday use – or – hand-wash and air dry it when needed

Easy maintained

The only dust mop we know of that gets better, the longer you have it

Durable Design

Handmade in Vermont

All our mops and dusters are currently handmade in Vermont. We source the material, which goes into the mop and duster heads from within the United States. This makes our products truly made in the United States.



2174 Maxham Meadow Way

Woodstock, VT 05091

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A Family Owned Business since 1909

A Vermont family continues a tradition of success in the face of progress with a fourth generation family business. Sladust Wool Dust Mop products are the highest quality, literally the "World's Finest Dust Mops." Great for dusting tile, laminates, marble and hard wood floors!