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Q. How do I wash the mop head ?

A. Remove it from its frame. Hand wash it in cold water with a mild soap (Woolite or similar) and air dry it.

Q. Do I need to treat the mop head with chemicals ?

A. No, on the contrary! Wool contains natural lanolin. The lanolin holds on to the dust naturally until you shake it out.

Q. How do I remove the mop head?

A. Peel back the wool part from the frame and slide it out of the pocket on the opposite side

Q. My Wool Hand Duster head is hard to bend? What can I do?

A. The center of the mop head is wire rod. With one hand, hold on to the top of the duster and with the other hand where the metal and wood handle meet—bend it with a some strength. You can also lay the wood handle on a kitchen counter and bend it over the edge.

Q. Why a Sladust Wool Dry Mop?


  • It is an all natural product and does not require any chemicals
  • Long lasting, quality product (see our customer comments)
  • All the materials are sourced in the United States
  • Fully assembled in the United States
  • No expensive refills required
  • Pet friendly -  no chemicals which could be potentially harmful to animals
  • Excellent in pick-up pet hair
  • Swivel action allows easy reach under beds and other furniture